Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Review: Chameleon Circuit

Purported originators of “Trock” or Time Lord Rock, the band Chameleon Circuit, has released a CD of the same name full of peppy music about the latest incarnation of the Doctor Who series.

Chameleon Circuit has a very local feel without the kind of processed sound that seems to pervade current music. I would say that this resembles a dressed down Kaiser Chiefs sort of sound, by which I mean I think it is fantastic. So much so that I actually ordered the CD, not simply MP3s as I typically do.

Primarily composed of ballads, this disc is very listenable and in fact quite catchy. Chameleon Circuit really captures the feel of the show and being composed of ballads you can listen to the perspectives of various characters. My favorite in character song is “K9’s Lament,” a song that examines the tragic life of K9, who is neither man, nor animal, nor fully a robot in his emotions or intellect. K9 is programmed to absolute loyalty yet tortured with the knowledge that to others he is half pet, half toy. My other favorites on this album include music about my two favorite episodes: “Blink” and “Silence in the Library.” (Two episodes that will make you afraid of the dark for certain.)

You can (and should!) order your own copy of Chameleon Circuit DFTBA Records.

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